Unlock Your Potential: Build Your Personal Branding / IP with Us

"Step into the Spotlight: Personal IP Creation with BizTalk"

Are you a CEO, founder, or boss? Take charge of your personal brand and amplify your influence with BizTalk.

As the person who is least likely to betray your company's mission, you are its greatest advocate. But, do you feel like you lack followers, good projects, talent, or cash flow? Do you want to connect with valuable networks that will reach out to you proactively? It's time to turn the spotlight on yourself and start building your Personal IP!

What is a Personal IP?

It's not just a brand. It's a beacon attracting like-minded people, the right projects, talented individuals, and necessary capital. Consider the personal IPs of leaders like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos. Now imagine yourself in that mix - because you should be!

Why join BizTalk?

Creating and managing follower traffic can be challenging, and knowing how to monetize it even more so. That's where BizTalk comes in. Our community will guide you through the process, helping you position your business, create compelling content, shoot engaging videos, and much more.

What we offer - All for just $99:

Video Creation: Make your first impression count. This package includes the creation of a video to be featured on our BizTalk page. We'll provide editing services and share tips on how to record yourself. With an average reach of 10,000 views, you're guaranteed global exposure!
VIP Business Listing: Your brand will be showcased in our lifetime VIP business listing. It's a window to the world, helping you reach a global audience and connect with potential partners, clients, and mentors.
BizTalk Membership: As part of your package, you'll be enrolled in our lifetime membership program. As a member, you'll get access to BizTalk's extensive network, where you can share contacts, meet up with like-minded individuals, and gain exclusive insights into various industries.


Start your journey to become a successful personal IP today. Stay positive, make your mark, and let's talk business!

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