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Welcome to a new era of video editing! At, we're not just building a platform; we're crafting a community. A community where your skills as an editor are not just valued but celebrated. Whether you're looking to expand your career, work on exciting projects, or even if you're just starting out, we have a place for you.


A Note from Our Founder, Kenny Cheah:

"Having managed 11 companies and being recognized as a top content creator, I understand the essence of quality video content and the value editors bring to the table. is the platform to bridge the needs! Join us in this revolution."

The founder of and Biztalk

Why Join Us?

  1. Competitive Pay: Your skills deserve the best. Get paid for every project you undertake.
  2. Incentive Programs: Beyond your regular pay, earn additional incentives for outstanding work and meeting project milestones.
  3. Flexible Work Environment: Whether you're a night owl or an early bird, work at your own pace. No more rigid timings.
  4. Growth Opportunities & Equity Participation:
    • Bonus Shares: As a VIP partner, you're entitled to bonus shares, ensuring you benefit directly from our growth.
    • Equity Allocation: Early contributors will be allocated shares, making you a true stakeholder in our success.
    • Future-Proof Your Career: With an eye on an IPO, your early involvement is an investment in a future where your shares could multiply in value.
  5. Diverse Projects: Work on a variety of projects, from startups to established brands, ensuring every day is a new creative challenge.
  6. Continuous Learning: Access resources and training materials to hone your skills and stay updated with the latest trends.


What You Get:

  • Get Paid: Competitive compensation for every project.
  • Incentive: Earn more with our bonus programs.
  • Opportunities: Work on diverse projects and expand your portfolio, your team. we believe in empowering each others and we wish to be part of your journey to grow.
  • Create Value: wish to launch your courses? Expand your Creative business? we are here to help.
  • Equity: Be a part of our growth story with share allocations.
  • Referral: Every time you refer the platform, a partner, you will get rewarded.


Join Our Journey

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